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Master Pamela Uyeunten at 13th Annual Kaua’i Wellness Expo

Master Pamela Uyeunten is an accomplished healer, teacher and soul communicator.  She is also a divine channel and worldwide representative of New York Times bestselling author, lecturer, and pioneer in modern-day spirituality, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

As a divine channel, Master Pam shares in Master Sha’s ability to offer life transformative blessings.  Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced profound results.  In Hawaii, and on all islands, people from all walks of life have experienced soul-healing miracles in their health, relationships, finances and more.  Friends, family, co-workers, children, and pets have also benefited greatly.

Master Pam will present interesting core teachings of Master Sha, and speak about the significance of deep Forgiveness Practice, which is closely aligned to the beautiful practice of Ho’oponopono.  In Master Sha’s teachings, forgiveness is a vital key to happiness, good health and success.

Come join Master Pam as she teaches and shares the wisdom of Dr and Master Sha, and offers free soul-healing demonstrations using Divine Healing Hands, Tao Calligraphies, and The Power of Soul!


Beyond Past-Life Regression
Metaphysical Hypnosis & the Transpersonal

Please join Reg. Clinical Counseling-Hypnotherapist Dafna Ohana at the Expo! 

 Are you curious about Hypnosis, the power of your mind and how our reality is shaped? Are you fascinated by Past-Life Regression and other modalities aiming at accessing your deepest wisdom?

 Hypnotherapy provides a Passageway into infinite wisdom. One of the most captivating and potent applications of hypnotherapy is ‘Metaphysical Hypnosis’. I have a rich educational and experiential background, and as an Intuitive practitioner I have developed a process that is deeply explorative of our inner life. The experience is Profound, and often Life Altering, opening us to a broader perspective of our Existence here.

My process pierces to the Heart of the matter and is best defined as ‘Metaphysical Hypnosis’. Integrating modalities such as; Past-Life Regression / Progression, Life-Between-Lives, QHHT, Heart wisdom, Transpersonal Counseling and Energy Healing.

I will expand on the subject matter as well as share cases that illustrate the deeply potent implications this process can offer for our Healing and Evolution.

I’m excited and honored to share my life’s work and welcome you to join me!

‘When the Doors to Perception are cleared Man will see things as they truly are, Infinite’ ~William Blake~

I am amazed at the profound transformation I see in my work and deeply believe we possess an infinite capacity to be-come whole again. My practice is founded on the core belief that each person is born with an inner wisdom that can guide them in their lives. My greatest passion is to re-mind people of their True Essence & Unbounded Spirit. I am an RCCH, earning a Diploma in Clinical Counseling-Hypnotherapy and graduating with over 700 hours of practicum. I specialize in Past-Life Regression – certified by The Weiss Institute, as well as a Reiki Master certification.

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It’s customary in our culture to eat like a champion. After all, we live in the most beautiful and abundant place in the world, Kaua’i.

Our hope is that you are able to enjoy our local style food made by local people for our local taste. Take a bite into our specials and try some of the local favorites. We do promise you this, your taste buds will tell you to keep eating even if your stomach is saying your full.

At the end of it all we hope to throw you a shaka and hope you can Shaka It Forward.


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