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Issue 1 Inspiration Journal, May - June 2003 Cover

How Far We’ve come, The History of Medicine

Medical practitioners throughout history have been involved in spirituality, herbs and myth. Read about the twists and turns of the profession in its attempt to find the correct path.

From Farmers Heart to Farmers Market

An organic farm has its secrets: how to grow fruits and vegetables naturally. But, Hawaii harbors unique concerns for organic farmers.

Kaua’i Music Festival

Discover how listening to an inner voice lead Richard and Pushpum McSheehy to creating the first and only Songwriter’s Conference.

Staying Centered

Finding one’s center, staying focused, and giving it your best shot is as important in the game of pool as it is in life.

  • Still Passionate at 87
  • What is Pilates?
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Honoring Your Body
  • It’s Allergy Season
  • Starting Early
  • Those Crazy Hormones
  • Children of Peru
  • Learn Reflexology
  • Music and Life

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