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Issue 2 Inspiration Journal, July - August 2003 Cover

Swimming With Dolphins

A woman shares her 12 years of experience swimming and studying Spinner dolphins, and offers a list of do’s and don’t when you have your first ocean encounter.

There’s Something in the Breeze

Kaua’i is one of the biggest breeding grounds for Genetically Manufactured Organisms. Learn the truth about these organisms, and how food and pharmacological companies use these altered crops.

Handling Conflict-Conflict Starts on the Inside and Moves Outside

We as humans are biologically wired to automatically defend ourselves. How does that initiate conflict when we try to communicate?

Naturopath-Health and Inspiration-Partners in Transformation

Uniting the capacity for renewal, regeneration, and true healing with inspiration can gather amazing results.

  • Flower Essence
  • Scents of Purpose
  • Heart of the Moment
  • An Exploration into the Sacred Science of Music
  • A Sound Life
  • The Sacred Art of Handwriting
  • Success
  • The Shell Collector
  • The Power of Attention
  • Enchanting the Soul
  • K-9 Cuisine
  • Kaua’i Music Fest

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