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Issue 3 Inspiration Journal, September - October 2003 Cover

The Heart of Education

The Kahuna Valley retreat goes beyond organic fruits and vegetables, peace and community building, and into a greater cause: The Heart Expo. Francesco and Daisy Lee Garripoli will partner with His Holiness, and facilitators from other countries, to coordinate a peace project for youth.

Waipa: A living Laboratory

Waipa, a stretch of 1600 acres “Mai uka i a kai” (from the mountain to the sea), houses a teaching community with the goal of preserving and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture.

Drugs for Lunch: ADHD and Homeopathy

Between 1990 and 1993, the number of children outpatient visits for ADHD soared from 1.4 to 4.2 million. Read how the ADHD child can be freed from Ritalin with Homeopathy.

Journey into Mystery: A Eulogy for Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas worked for KKCR and his show was called “On the Journey.” When diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, he took his listeners on a different journey; living his death.

  • How Can We Empower our Children?
  • Resurfacing In Education
  • 30 Ways to Poison Yourself before Breakfast
  • The Do’s and Don’t of Detoxification
  • Breaking Through-Physical and Emotional Blockage
  • Kaua’i Calcit
  • Living with Feng Shui
  • What is Osteopathy?
  • Proper Pilates Form
  • Language of Touch
  • Organ Sense: The Kidney

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