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Issue 31 Inspiration Journal, May - June 2008 Cover

Amazing Grace, How Sweet it is… “A Dental Experience in Thailand” by Richard Diamond

“Ah, Thailand. It is so nice here; can’t wait to get a mango lassi, maybe a nice Thai massage… ah, yes… I love being here… mmmm…” I was daydreaming. I had just received a large dose of Novocain for what was to be the first gum surgery in my dental “career”; the surgery was designed to save a tooth. Now, as I deepened into a 2+ hour odyssey through gum surgery consciousness, I had a lot of time to think.

A Miracle School in India: Hoping to Break the Poverty Cycle by Sally Wilson

On a recent three week trip to Tamil Nadu, Southern India, I was part of a group that visited, among other places, the most inspirational place I’ve ever been – Imayam School. Imayam is run by two teachers, Saraswathi and Ponrathi, who have dedicated their entire later lives to the education of very poor children. You must understand that these are village children who would otherwise never have had a chance for an education, most of whom would have spent their lives in abject poverty.

Hawai`i through the Eyes of a Bhutanese Rinpoche at Kahuna Valley on Kaua’i

It seems interesting how much the little Kingdom of Bhutan high up in the Himalayan Mountains near Tibet has been in the news in Hawai`i these days. We’ve heard that this country is shifting from a monarchy to a democracy, that the king is turning over the country to his son, and that a big art exhibit from Bhutan was the rage on O`ahu… and here on Kaua`i, we have the wonderful opportunity to host one of the most respected Buddhist leaders of Bhutan who will be leading meditations and offering healing sessions here over the next few weeks.


When popular TV dramas feature energy healing, real-life healers tend to run for cover. Or they feel compelled to watch in irritation and frustration at the way their profession has once again been misrepresented or maligned.

  • Parenting for Our Future with Love and Logic by Ann Ravelo
  • Investing in Your Child by Cindie K. Jones, CFP
  • The Undeniable Crisis and What It Means for Kaua`i by Walt Barnes
  • A Gift for Everyone on Kaua’i by James Gordon-Woods
  • QUESTION MARK – ASK THE NATURAL CHEF: The History of Raw Food with Chef Mark Reinfeld
  • Le Guru: The Day Before You Came by Paul Reynolds
  • Reflect Yourself! Defining Success on Your Terms by Frieda Freitas

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