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Issue 48 Inspiration Journal, Fall 2011 Cover

Compassionate Evolution – a New Inspiration!
Char’s Message

Gifted teacher, Wayne Dyer, simplifies complex ideas with practical explanations on how to live meaningfully from your heart. It is important to encourage one another to grow and evolve compassionately during times of energetic shifts in nature and humanity.

We harmoniously live with Mother Nature in Hawai`i and are often affected by the most subtle changes in the wind, air, water without realizing it. Suddenly, you might feel body aches, emotional and grouchy, out-of-sorts, and think the flu is coming on. Actually, you could be feeling the effects of solar flares, the earth wobbling, geomagnetic shifts, chem-trails in the sky, drops in barometric pressure, insecticide spray on roadsides, increased wi-fi white noise, GMO and food preservatives, and so on. You are not alone; many feel the shift and unaware of its origins. Our bodies are physically mirroring what is happening around us, and evolving to survive. How can you deal with these invisible intrusions? As Dyer points out, you can live peacefully by choosing to have a joyful outlook on life. Being kind to yourself and others, you can compassionately allow them to evolve as their bodies are asking of them. The key to surviving gracefully is to take life one day at a time, be in the moment, hang-loose, be happy-go-lucky! Live Aloha!

Speaking of evolution, Inspiration is now Hawaii’s Inspiration, humanity’s journey to wellness. At a time when businesses are just maintaining or are pulling back, Inspiration is evolving with a powerful new title and mission statement, beautiful full color pages and new bold sections. And we are topping it off with an energizing new website that will organically cover everything wellness – The Wellness Site goes live close to 2012. Altogether we’ll be synchronized for servicing clients and branding Inspiration’s message to connect those who are seeking with those who are serving.

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Enjoy the compassionate journeys in this new Inspiration Fall 2011 issue.

We Wish everyone happy evolutions throughout the Holiday Season!


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