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There is nothing as satisfying as those moments of deep belly laughing, the ones that make you cry or hard to catch your breath, and your jowls ache. Those spontaneous bursts of hooting and hollering, giggles and grins are always followed by sighs of relief when it’s all over. The physiological after effects are usually a joy-filled calmness that flows throughout a more relaxed body. Tensions and anxieties are lessened, or gone, only smiles remain as most start to rub their cheek muscles, and life is good again for that moment.

Medical community doesn’t need to tell us that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter’s positive effects are undisputed by the ancients to modern medicine – all concur that laughter is extremely good for you. Yet, many people do not take the healing powers seriously until they see evidence in research and statistics. In this issue, counselor and author Jeffrey Pears highlights the health benefits as he helps individuals laugh more through Laughter Yoga.

The 11th Annual Kaua`i Wellness Expo will host Hawaii’s favorite comedian Frank De Lima, known for his uncanny and innate talent to make people laugh, In essence, he helps individuals to become healthier. Our intention is for Frank’s humor to soften the load on people’s shoulders. In light of last year’s tough agricultural and environmental issues, along with the November elections, many islanders feel divided and torn on knowing what is best for the future. So rather than continue the fighting and disagreements, let’s take a moment to laugh together and begin to share aloha with one another again. It is said – water seeks its level, and the truth rises to the top. Perhaps, an afternoon of joyful laughter could break through barriers and allow obstacles to become clear for each individual’s truth to be revealed. Join us for a weekend of fun, education and inspiration at the Expo. See you there!

Enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015!

Inspiration’s Ohana – Char, Sally, Richard, Ganshet, Todd, Tek Shani, Rae, Mark, Camille, and Darrell

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