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Satsang with Raul







This event will consist of Love, Wisdom, and Unity. Enlightenment will speak from it’s perspective ( ! ) and Raul will speak on the experience of Enlightenment in the modern life. Healing and Light transmission will be given to all, and some Messages. Join in community for Bliss and Peace

Satsang is an experience creating a ” Holy Body” together, creating a sacred space, a Stargate, to bring forth a Reality of Love, Wisdom, and Unity. Satsang is only to be lead by one who can fully hold the ” Fire Cosmic” of Enlightenment.

I hereby formally invite you to join us, there is one hotel room left to share for a women, the mens room is full. Other rooms may be available, contact me to discuss further.

Soul Based Living is an organization designed to bring Enlightenment into the modern world.

It is dedicated to nine Objectives: Unity, Exploring the Universe, Freedom, Wholeness, Awareness, Education, Culture, Peace, and Ecology.



Raul Rosiles is the founder of Soul Based Living.  Raul had a moment of self realization as a four year old child. Everything became dazzling brighter.  A voice said,”Always remember this moment”.   He practiced meditation for three hours per day for six years. He is an International Lightworker, Author, Artist, and Enlightenment Catalyst.

Raul has helped produced Live h2o music festival  2009 and Leaders Causing Leaders conferences 2010 & 2011. Raul conceived of and produced the short film “Rebirth” featuring such luminaries as Emmy Awarded Gary Malkin, and Grammy awarded Koji Nakamura. His first book is: TRANSFORMATION: Essays on Love, Healing, & Water.


Oceans of Love & Blessings

I will be on the Island of Kauai to present at the Kauai Wellness Expo

My speaking time is on Saturday Feb 8th from 2 to 2:45pm 

Kauai War Memorial Convention Center 4191 Hardy St. Lihue, Kaua’i Hi. 96766

” Satsang with Raul” here is the link https://www.hawaiisinspiration.com

Here is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/230721160421724/

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